Wihan, the new WiFi gateway project

Hi all,

We’re working on a new exciting project!¬†Wihan (https://github.com/geenkle/wihan).

Wihan aims to be a replacement for the old CoovaChilli, a modern solution to manage a WiFi hotspot. It has a very low impact on the system, so it can easily used on all embedded systems, like OpenWrt routers or IoT devices, and so on.

We started this code after got struggled with CoovaChilli and its own instability that costed hours and hours of support efforts! So we wanted something modern, scalable, customizable and over all stable! Now we have started using Wihan on many routers with great results, finally getting rid of CoovaChilli.

Wihan doesn’t reinvent the wheel! It doesn’t include any dhcp or dns or any well-known software (that you can find easily in every OpenWrt router) in its own codebase. It does only its own job: the watchdog of the accesses of your WiFi. And, yes, it does it very well! Going into the details, Wihan check the access to the WiFi from your clients and cooperates with the Radius server to allow or deny the access to the WAN to them. Once a client is allowed to access your WAN, it will be subjected to specific session limits (like session duration, bandwidth and traffic limits, idle timeout, ..), established by your access politics for each users.

Wihan handles the bandwidth throttling for both upload and download bands and the traffic limits for each session. This is a very good thing when you need to limit your users traffic to certain sites or the photo upload traffic for the users of your hotels.

Wihan also redirect your clients to your splash page in order them to register to the system. It supports both http and https redirection. It means that when your users connect to your WiFi they automatically have the browser opened on their devices and your splash page will appear. But it will happen also if they try to browse to a http or to a https site without have been allowed to the Internet.

Wihan is actually under heavy development, so feel free to ask for details, customization, or whatever else. We can support you to work with it!


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