Exciting works at Geenkle

Today we are working for a Lufthansa’s WiFi project!

It’s really funny to work with different devices and environments every single day and you can learn a lot! The aim of this project is to take WiFi on transports systems, such as buses, planes and trains, providing also an entertainment platform. Today WiFi is not provided only as a standalone service, especially in the public and private transport. You need to provide a lot of contents for people entertainment and many projects are focusing on providing CDNs (Content Distribution Networks), that offer films, apps and infotainment to the users.

What are we doing for this project?

Technically speaking, we are working on the Wihan integration to provide a better service to the WiFi users. Wihan handles the access policies for WiFi users, as a watchdog dealing with the RADIUS server. It does this by delegating as much as possible. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel! If a dhcp server is needed, let’use the device’s one, as well as for each other well-known software.

Let me do another example. How does Wihan handle the bandwidth throttling? By implementing a fu**ing leaky bucket algorithm by itself? No it doesn’t! Obviously it makes use of the kernel’s network stuff, that offers all the features you need for the traffic shaping, avoiding any possible troubles.

This avoid any troubles you can have with old software, like CoovaChilli, while in the same time you can use the most updated software. Furthermore, its own code base is modern and clean. This means it’s easy to add custom features or simply read the code.

What’s our final goal

Today the WiFi controller running on your WiFi gateway is an essential component. The reliability of the service depends on it. And it must be integrated with all modern protocols while offering a pletora of features at the same time, such as session limits scaling in real time (without restarting the service) or session persistence. The solutions available on the Internet aren’t working fine, are obsolete, or don’t offer these kind of features. This is why we have implemented ours one.

The final goal we want to achieve is to provide a seamless, modern and reliable WiFi service, with all the options and checks needed by who owns the WiFi service and that is able to run on any device, from the bigger to the smaller ones.

Okay, all right. Let’s get to work!


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