Share your desktop with Skype on Wayland


This a little tip for you.

During a conference with our partner we stumbled across sharing the desktop with Skype on a Fedora 28 (that runs Wayland). The option to share the desktop didn’t appear when clicking on the + button.

Wrong version? Doesn’t Microsoft provide that feature in the Skype’s version for Linux? Do I need to buy a Windows’ pc?  Nothing of this…!

The solution is really easy!

The option doesn’t appear only if you are running Wayland (as the title suggests!). Test that you are running Wayland with this:


If the result is wayland-0 you are running Wayland!

So, the solution is to disable Wayland!

How to do that?

It’s really easy.. Edit your /etc/gdm/custom.conf with your favourite editors (vim):

> vim /etc/gdm/custom.conf 

and uncomment the option WaylandEnable=false (remove the initial #).

That’s all! Restart your gdm or the system and you will come back to run the old fashion Xorg.

And, yes, the magic “Share your desktop” option will magically appear on Skype!


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