Join our resellers program

Do you want to start your WiFi business in your country and deploy your WiFi marketing network?

Our solution is YOUR opportunity to start your WiFi marketing business!

Geenkle┬áhas started its own resellers program oriented to WiFi and networking operators and web/marketing agencies. As a resellers you can join our program and start immediately to sell the service. You don’t need any specific networking or technical skills, just buy your device and plug it at your client’s place.

As soon as you start to sell the service you can build your WiFi marketing network. You can monitor your clients and installations with our powerful backend, so you can be focused only on your business.

Why does our WiFi service is different?

Because it’s really marketing oriented. Your clients can use the service to analyze its own clients composition and behaviour and spread its own targeted marketing (with banners, video, …) and finally you will have, as reseller, a powerful marketing network in your hands.

This is the best way to monetize your WiFi service.

Read more on our site and ask to us for any details.


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