CoovaChilli runs on 700$ AP

This is a Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex R720, the better indoor AP of Ruckus (802.11ac Wave 2 AP) equipped with some great technologies like Cloudpath and SPoT and capable of supporting over 500 users. Its price is over 750$, so it’s not so cheap.

It is equipped with the Standalone AP Software (R720) firmware as you can see from the support site. And yes! It still makes use of CoovaChilli. It’s impressive that an almost died software (see github) makes part of a so expensive AP yet.

Browsing on the Internet (see here) you can find some information to configure it properly to implement an hotspot solution using the 802.1x that is considered the gold standard for wireless network security.

As you can read from the article, some years ago (in Feb 2010) the owner of Coova Technologies wrote:

“On a recent project, we had the benefit of working with Ruckus Wireless access points in building captive portal and secure wireless networks..”

So, it means that Ruckus is still using CoovaChilli since 2010 and maybe this is one of the reason why nowadays the project is still alive and valued.

We have worked with it for some years, it’s a good project but it has some legacy weakness mainly due to the fact that it was developed many years ago and now the times have changed.

Some other projects, like WifiDog are abandoned too and now it’s difficult to find a modern and well-mantained software for hotspots able to do all the stuff. This is why OpenWRT is still relying on CoovaChilli old packages.

What Geenkle is doing to improve that?

We are working on Wihan, that is an attempt to implement a modern version of CoovaChilli with a new codebase. The aim is to take the strengths of CoovaChilli in a new and modern project, involve more developer and build a community around it.

Wihan is born to live in the embedded world, it loves OpenWrt, routers and access points.

So, CoovaChilli is died, long live Cov…. Wihan!



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